Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical case management?

Medical case management is a program that helps you navigate through the complexities of the health care system. This is to ensure clients receive care for debilitating issues, illnesses and catastrophic injuries. Medical Case Managers help you and your physicians with your individual plan of care, act as your advocate, and provide resources

What is the most beneficial thing about having a case manager?

The ability for our client and their family to not have to worry about anything related to the medical issues they are facing as our nurse case managers take care of everything and remove all the headaches, so you focus on recovery.

Is case management covered by the insurance company?

For the majority of cases, our case management services are fully reimbursed by the responsible insurance company.

What if my insurance company has already assigned a case manager to me? Can I Switch?

YES. You have the right to CHOOSE your case manager and can switch anytime.

How do I request a free Case Manager Consultation?

Simply call our office and we can schedule one of our nurses to come meet with you.

If your question isn’t answered here, please call our office at
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