This area is written for lawyers and their staff, explaining how our services can benefit you and your clients.

Who we are:

We are a group of highly skilled RNs and Social Workers who have partnered to deliver case management to auto injury victims.

We have decided to take referrals only from providers of care. That includes the legal profession. We are aware of the legal needs of our clients and occasionally suggest that they seek legal counsel, if we see it would be beneficial for their recovery.

If a client is referred and they have a lawyer:

  1. We contact the lawyer to introduce ourselves and become familiar with their legal case.
  2. Provide a duplicate copy of our monthly insurance company report to your office so you may stay informed of their progress.
  3. We maintain a positive relationship to ensure care is provided that is necessary for your client.
  4. We handle the day-to-day problems that occur so your office staff does not have to spend their time on the phone handling these issues.
  5. We attend IME appointments to clearly state the needs of the client and their past history.
  6. With our strong medical background we will advocate for our client’s needs.
  7. We can provide referrals for attendant care evaluations and home OT evaluations.
  8. We recommend providers that are also good client advocates. We use them as resources when deciding on our care plans for the client.
  9. We keep up to date with requesting appropriate order from the physicians to comply with “reasonable and necessary” requirements of the law.

Some items to note:

  1. We will only work with clients that truly need our services.
  2. We will not work as case managers for clients that are exaggerating symptoms to gain financial benefit.
  3. We can appear in depositions/court if necessary to advocate for our client.
  4. We are excellent at delivering case management services.
  5. We always work with attention towards the legal side of our client’s case.
  6. It is essential for us to be able to use our skills with the client case independent of outside influences and with integrity.
  7. Our goal is to return the client to the highest level of functionality possible.

Our referrals come from many different sources:

  1. Providers of Service Physicians
    1. Physical therapists
    2. Occupational therapist
    3. Lawyers
    4. Rehabilitation facilities
    5. Hospital discharge planners
  2. Word of mouth from our clients and their families and friends