The mission of Careforward Consulting is to ease the burden of recovery and caregiving for Michigan’s residents and their loved ones with chronic or debilitating issues. We will achieve this by providing skilled nurse case managers that help navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and caregiving. We will prevent future medical and case issues, provide choices, tailor treatments and manage the overwhelming complexities of care for those involved.


Careforward Consulting will be the recognized leader in easing the burden of managing care for anyone involved with chronic or debilitating issues.


Careforward Consulting’s Ten Business Values reflect the ethics, goals and standards that we practice in every facet of our business, every day. Place integrity and ethics above all else.

  • Put our clients first.
  • We advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.
  • Create value for clients through delivering exceptional services.
  • Provide personal and professional growth opportunities for our people.Maintain a team focused culture, where people enjoy working.
  • Profitable growth does not diminish the quality of services provided.
  • Maintain accountability and responsibility for what we do… and if it’s not right, we fix it.
  • Treat each other fairly, with mutual respect, and with equal regard for our clients, stakeholders and the public at large.
  • Work to sustain the highest-quality reputation for Carefoward Consulting.

Careforward Consulting leads the industry with innovative ideas like patient choice as a priority, building long-term relationships and promoting better awareness of the devastating effects of traumatic brain injury.

For survivors of catastrophic auto injury, their caregivers, discharge planners and their legal counsel, Careforward Consulting is the company of choice.