Hospitals and Physicians trust Careforward to act as a strong client advocate that will keep the client’s best interests in mind. Our knowledgeable Case Management firm goes above and beyond to make sure clients receive the best and most appropriate treatment possible. We specialize in:

  • Offering a Seamless Transition Between Levels of Care
  • Maintain an open and efficient line of communication
  • Closely monitor clients and provide an appropriate level of prompting to assure attendance at scheduled office visits
  • External RN Assistance
  • Arrangement of Correct Insurance and Billing
Legal Image We at Careforward concentrate on all services individualized with the consumer guiding their own independent living program. We aid with accessing community resources and services while working to empower and support the independence of our clients.

We provide core services including, but not limited to:

  • Careforward will provide you a copy of our monthly insurance company report
  • We maintain a positive relationship and an open line of communication.
  • We handle the day-to-day problems that occur
  • We represent the client at their IME appointments.
  • We can provide referrals for attendant care evaluations and home OT evaluations.
  • We recommend providers that are also client advocates.
  • We keep up to date with requesting appropriate orders from physicians to comply with “reasonable and necessary” requirements of the law.

Our case managers will assist with the confusing and complex details of insurance coverage, legal representation and medical treatment scheduling.

If there are any questions , please visit our FAQ’s or feel free to contact us for a free medical consultation.