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Webinars – Phone Conference
Topics Covered Instructor Date Invite Time
All Arpan Patel August 18th By Email 12:30PM-2:30PM EST
All Arpan Patel August 19th By Email 12:30PM-2:30PM EST
$40 for a 2 hour session
One on One
Topics Covered Instructor Date Invite Time
Open Arpan Patel Monday-Friday By Email By Appointment
$90 for a 2 hour session
Live Sessions
Topics Covered Instructor Date Invite Time
Thorough review
of all systems
Arpan Patel Sept 8-9 By Email 10Am-6PM EST

$220 for a 2 day course, 8 hours per day

(16 hours total)

Course seats 5 person maximum

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Per System
Topics Covered Instructor Date/Tme Price Order Here
Cardio Arpan Patel Unspecified $85.00
HEENT Arpan Patel Unspecified $85.00
Skin Arpan Patel Unspecified $85.00
Pulmonary Arpan Patel Unspecified $50.00
GI Track Arpan Patel Unspecified $85.00
Renal Arpan Patel Unspecified $45.00
Neuro Arpan Patel Unspecified $45.00
Hema Arpan Patel Unspecified $30.00
Musculoskeletal Arpan Patel Unspecified $70.00
Psyc. Arpan Patel Unspecified $50.00
Work one-on-one with the instructor to completely master a system!
AANP Personal Coach
Topics Covered Instructor Duration Price Order Here
Open Arpan Patel 1 Month $250.00
Open Arpan Patel 2 weeks $150.00
Open Arpan Patel 1 Week $100.00
Have access to the instructor (phone and email access) for highly technical questions, additional resources, and general testing advice!