Our mission is to ease the process of recovery by assisting with the overwhelming complexities of medical care coordination. At Careforward, we help the affected and their families by providing choices, tailoring treatments, and empowering people to take the best and most efficient path to recovery. Through its many outreach activities and programs, Careforward is a recognized leader in promoting better awareness of the devastating effects of catastrophic injury.

Role of a Medical Case Manager

  • Coordinate all aspects of client’s medical care pertaining to auto accident
  • Complete thorough intake/assessment of client to determine the client’s needs
  • Schedule appointments for physician appointments and any prescribed therapies (PT, OT, Speech)
  • Attend medical appointments pertaining to auto accident
  • Arrange all transportation to and from appointments if needed
  • Assist client with paperwork as needed for medical appointments/disability
  • Ensure client has scripts for everything that they need; including, but not limited to, transportation, case management, attendant care, therapies, and medications
  • Advocate for clients to ensure they are receiving the care they need
  • Communicate with healthcare professionals and attorneys about client’s care

“Careforward leads the industry with innovative ideas like patient choice as a priority, building long-term relationships and promoting better awareness of the devastating effects of traumatic brain injury. For geriatric clients, auto injury survivors, their families, and their network of support including medical providers, legal counsel, & caregivers; Careforward is the company of choice.”

Sanjay Sharma – President & CEO

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