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Medical case managers work closely with the medical community, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, attorneys, insurance companies, etc. They are responsible for conducting pre-screening interviews with patients to determine the services they are eligible to receive, verifying the statuses of their medical care plans, and developing inclusive and individualized care plans which include long- and short-term goals which focus on positive outcomes. They must also continuously update and evaluate patient care plans based on changes to health statuses and other factors, as well as handle claims related to medical cases between patients and insurance carriers. The primary role of the liaison is to ensure that all parties involved are receiving fair treatment.

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Careforward exists to help clients who have been injured in an auto accident. We want our case management services to be proactive, compassionate, and intelligent. The services provided mean everything to our clients and those who think to use our company for their patients or their clients. When we care about what we do to a level that is in the realm of going above and beyond, everyone will take notice. When everyone starts noticing the way our service is and the extent to which we are willing to go to ensure clients are recovering, happy, and feel taken care of our company will grow, our case managers will become more successful and the future will be bright for our clients, as they will get the best case management services that a company/person/case manager can offer.

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